Specializing In Sales And Repairs 
Of Leather Fire Helmets Since 2010

Retro Helmets still available with alternate brass option
Alternate brass holder options available for all other helmets as well
Pictures/examples of alternate options can bee seen on Buy Retro Helmets page
Retro Tetrahedrons now available for sale as a loose part

***Currently working on new source for Retro Brass**

CCFH Retro Helmet

2016 N5A/N6A/G5A helmets customized to the older Retro look and fit. Available to order with your choice of chinstrap, eye protection, brim shape, and reflective trim

Retro Conversions

Already have a stock N5A/N6A/G5A with the carved eagle, high trim, and curved brim? Set up a work order to convert your lid to Retro specs

We will also convert Morning Pride Ben 2 and Phenix TL2 helmets

CCFH and RTI - Full Repaints and Retro Brass

RagTop and CCFH have been working together since 2011 to bring you the absolute best in the fire helmet repair and restoration business.

Since we no longer offer full repaints, all paint inquiries get referred to Rag Top Industries. CCFH is in their shop once a month to do Retro Brass installs - set up your RTI repaint and get old school brass at the same time.

Repairs and Parts Replacements

Broken front holder? Melted Bourkes? 

CCFH still maintains a shop for repairs and parts replacements. Let us know what your helmet needs and we will take care of it (within reason of course...)