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Retro Division is Now Active

The Retro Division was born out of the joint effort of Capital City Fire Helmets and RagTop Industries to combine business operations under one roof, under the RagTop brand, but to have a separate RTI division encompassing all aspects of the Retro fire helmet. 

This division will be headed by both CCFH and Rag Top, and will primarily operate out of RagTop’s Lunar Drive location in Woodbridge, CT. 

Available through the Retro Division will be:

- In Stock option for Retro N5As (will be announced when helmets become available)

- Ability to still custom order N5A/N6A/G5A Retro Helmets 

- Option to have your helmet repainted by Rag Top’s Refurb Division and finished to pre-MSA specs by the Retro Division

- Option to either send in an 880 or do a ground up build for a CCFH 880 Conversion

- Hand fitted Retro Brass and crowns

- Retro Tetrahedrons

- Liner and suspension adjustments for a ’no ratchet’ fitment

- New item: Blacked Out Retro Brass

- New item: Rag Top Retro Helmet - special edition 

This is NOT a buyout of Capital City Fire Helmets, nor are they closing its doors. This is a merger of 2 companies into the “Retro Division” to better serve the industry. CCFH will continue to operate all current and expanded services now under the RagTop brand. It is stressed that ALL retro specific services will still be completed by Capital City Fire Helmets such as the Retro Helmets and Retro Brass, while overseeing and working in the Retro Division.

All services found on this website can still be obtained through the Retro Division, however all points of contact will now be:

Telephone: 203-672-5705

CCFH will also still maintain their Facebook, Instagram pages, and this website so that everyone can continue to see any new announcements or completed builds.

Rag Top runs a full restoration shop for fire helmets - any standard repairs or parts replacements can be completed by their staff. Once again, all Retro specific work requested will be handled by the Retro Division/CCFH. If there is something specific you want CCFH to take a look at, just ask.

We’d both like to thank all our customers, where in no way would this merger happen without your continued support over the last 10+ years, and we look forward to this new venture to continue to keep the retro tradition secure.